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2016 TM Racing Factory Team (MX2-MXGP) - Actual
MX2 250Fi Rider: Samuele Bernardini #321 - Italy
MX2 250Fi Rider: Satelite Team Eddie Hjortmarker #30 - Sweden
MXGP 450Fi Rider: Non Participant
The TMFR PRO SHOP is the best kept site for comprehensive & compiled links to skins, tracks & info for MX Simulator.

Current Projects:
2017 TM 2 & 4-Stroke stock replicas
2017 TMFR SX Custom Skins
The philosophy that has always distinguished TM is without doubt the choice of materials, which must always be of the highest quality, and the workmanship, even defined by some as “obsessive”, not to mention the high performance of the engines used on the standard bikes, in many cases far superior to those of its most prestigious competitors.
TMFR is an online MXSimulator racing team & support site managed by: TM_Infidel, Tony el Tigre & Ivan.M
TMFR Affiliates:
Welcome to:
TM Factory-Racing (TMFR) - We support the world's best Supercross / Motocross game ever created for PC "MX Simulator" aka MXS. Here, we also manage our own team and skin creations based on the mighty "Italian Stallion" TM Racing Motocross bikes which you can see our theme is based on. Known as TMFR for short, we also participate in sponoring online race events which are held and supported professionally from reputable entities within the MXS community namely "Race Factory Gaming (rF)", "EMF Racing" etc..

Feel free to browse around some of our creations via the
"TMFR WORKSHOP" and make sure you check out the "TMFR PRO SHOP" links which provide you with the most comprehensive database of user created & replica supercross & motocross tracks, bikes & gear addons & mods for download to add in to your game created by some of the most talented individuals on the planet.

Whether its just having fun racing off or online or perhaps competitivly in professionally run Amateur or Pro events against the best in the business battling for prizes and prestige that gets your adrenaline pumping assured you have come to the right place that will deliver the goods to help make your gaming experience that much more realistic & enjoyable.

A great start for those new to MXS would be to head on over to the
MXS Community Forum and learn the ropes in your quest to master the Simulation "physics" (which will surely test you) before trying to make a name for yourself amoung the horde of competitive online gamers already addicted. Try the Demo or buy the full game online from here and get started so you can enjoy "THE" best Supercross / Motocross game ever created for PC.

Need more convincing? ..check out the game via
systv or vurbmoto ride online today !
2016 TM Factory-Racing USA Members (TMFR USA)
450Fi: Ivan.M (Ivan Medina #84 rF) Vice Captain - USA
450Fi: JES_934 (Jes Colman #934) - USA
250Fi: Tony el Tigre (Tony Rubio #128 rF) - USA
250Fi: FlyinHigh (Daniel Bachlet #91 rF) - USA
250Fi: Benjamin248 (Benjamin Lester #248) - USA
250Fi: Yung Kryp (Thomas Wilcox #69rF) - USA
MXS series events, tips & tutorials on youtube
2 December 2015 - TM Infidel
2016 TM Racing Stock 4-Strokes have now arrived at TMFR. Grab yourself a slice of Italy.
Click the pic for download.
20 December 2015 - TM Infidel
Merry Xmas from TMFR - Additional Airoh Aviator Helmets with enhancements & GoPro Hero4S.
Click pic for dload.
3 January 2016 - TM Infidel
TMFR introduces its 2016 rF Pro MotoOption and Am FAMmx Supercross Series bikes & gear.
Click pic for details
25 March 2016 - TM Infidel
The 2016 TM Racing Factory GP replica's & TMFR outdoor packs are now released, click pics for dload.

A huge thanks to Tooh't the magician for some behind the scene gear prep, C84 gloves plus new Factory TM semi truck replica which will be featured in the upcoming Australian Motocross Nationals Series tracks starting 2nd April. A public Circuit Equipment C84 gear pack will also be released soon.

Thanks to the great support TMFR receives from Jre, Jay, Graff, Tooht & Greg Dearman.
10 April 2016 - TM Infidel
2016 TM Racing Stock 125/250MX 2-Strokes are now available plus C84 GP gear with Hoodie, Thanks to Jre for sorting these gems for all to enjoy pic for dload.
12 May 2016 - TM Infidel
2016 Monster Energy Factory Kawasaki Eli Tomac #3 & Ryan Villopoto #2 swagger is now complete. Thanks to Jay, Tooh't, Aaron Hall, Tyler Crain, P2sta. Click pick to download and go get yourself some.
Skin Creator for Hire
Templates by the "Magician"
15 May 2016 - TM Infidel
Rolling off the production line next is the 2016 Husqvarna Stock FC250-350-450 Saf, template & blend which are now available. Click the pic for download. Thaks to Jay for his model, it was very cool to work on this gem.
14 May 2016 - TM Infidel
The Husky with some exclusive factory swagger by Conceptgraff
FMF 4.1 & Neken bars by Conceptgraffmxs
3D Renders - Graphic Kits - Modelling
1 October 2015 - TM Infidel
Checkerz has completed the TMFR Compound which is now availalbe for download.

Consisting of an MX National track, LocalX (shorter Nat), North & South SX tracks there's some wild fun to be had on these well thought out designed tracks that will keep you on your toes and the racing close. Checkerz has done a marvellous job with the Compound for all to enjoy so a very BIG thank you to him for his time & support. Grab this gem while you still can and tear it up. Click pic for dload
06 July 2016 - TM Infidel
Romain Febvre #461..the wild frenchman is now available. This was a fun project, thanks to those talented creators whose templates were available to work on. Credits: me :), Tooh't temp, WellsMX254 temp, YZMxer608 yzf temp, tsykorn tech10's, jre wheels, vortexracingleader helmet temp & Motolife_99 for the render. Click pics to dload. 
20 May 2016 - TM Infidel
As the 2016 Husqvarna FC continues to gain popularity for the Outdoors you can now grab it with some nice mods such as FMF 4.1, Twinwalls or Neken Bars & Handguards thanks to Jay its creator, Conceptgraff & GSKracing for mods which i was able to compile into one. I'm looking forward to seeing some cool Husky creations on the scene. Click the pic for the dload and hook yourself up.
30 August 2016 - TM Infidel
Spanking the TM125MX
02 August 2016 - TM Infidel
2016 Loretta Lynn Team Bikes
25 July 2016 - TM Infidel
Ficticious TM color scheme variations
02 September 2016 - TM Infidel
2017 TM Racing Stock 2-Strokes are go !!! - It's great to see the new TM's for next year so early. Looking forward to seeing how the GP bikes turn out. A new look for a fresh start to the new season, i'm in love again.
26 September 2016 - TM Infidel
Been a while since an update: The 2017 TM Racing 40th Anniversay bikes which are coming along nicely. Here's a few pic''s winding out the 2 strokes on the Odolo, Brazil circuit.
TM Factory-Racing MXS Team Management, Sponsorship & Creations
450Fi: TM_Infidel (Brad Bergman #211) - Australia, Team Captain
2016 TM Factory-Racing EU Members (TMFR Europe)
450Fi: Rayvenator (Christoffer Jönsson #385) Vice Captain - Sweden
450Fi: Shroge (Joel Berntsson #555) - Sweden
450Fi: linus andersson (Linus Andersson #238 - Sweden
250Fi: Wahlamt (Kristoffer Wenerklang #959) - Sweden
250Fi: Lewis Lynds (Lewis Lynds #468) - United Kingdom
250Fi: Manii20 (Alanas Šaulys #20) - Lithuania
4 October 2016 - TM Infidel
TM Factory-Racing is pleased to announce our new team structure for 2017. In order to diversify our team further and increase our presence and participation on both sides of the pond we will continue to compete in events with our USA TM Racing team plus a new European TM Racing team under the TMFR umbrella each with its own Vice Captain assisting me with management decisions, recruitment, creations etc.. An updated TMFR Team Structure can be viewed right of screen.

Seasoned Pro riders who are looking for a new home and something to prove in 2017 are welcome to contact myself, Ivan.M or Rayvenator for membership consideration. Final USA & EU teams for '17 will be completed come December. Spots are limited. TM Factory-Racing looks forward to continuing its sponsorship of some MXS events in 2017 plus provide prizes to its own members for top 3 overall placings in major race events for their efforts aboard the TM's.
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11 October 2016 - TM Infidel
Messing around with some custom tm gfx
PeakOne Designs
Server Admin
Kristoffer Wenerklang
forum: Wahlamt
Fully Custom, User Made tracks
2016 MXGP & AMA National tracks
2013 MXGP & French Cup replica tracks
2016 AMA Supercross tracks
TMFR Channel - simraces teamspeak server ip:
27 October 2016 - TM Infidel
2017 TM Factory-Racing Supercross testing has begun. We also welcome Linus Andersson, Lewis Lynds & Alanas Sualys to TMFR EU & Thomas Wilcox to TMFR USA who will pilot the TM Stallion in '17.
11 November 2016 - TM Infidel
2017 TMFR supercross bikes are beginning to take shape as the Bardahl Oils & Lubricant machines are carefully crafted and fitted out with select factory parts in the TM Workshop.
10 April - TM Infidel
2016 Circuit Equipment C84 (12 colorways) are now released, grab yourself some cool new threads and go full Brazilian. Many thanks to Tooh't for his involvement & motivation pics for dload.
14 November 2016 - TM Infidel
Congratulations to Tooh't for his winning entry in p2sta's recent Graphic Design Competition which saw some awesome creations submitted and awarded. Tooh't has been a great friend & affiliate of TMFR for years so it was cool to finally see him on top of the box and well deserved as his underatted talents are some of the best i've seen in the community. Tooh't is renowned for his replica & custom gear sets which he creates and offers each year to teams, privateers and individuals so if you are in the market for something mainstream, unique or personal get in touch with "The Magician" on FB where you can also see some of his other quality creations on display.
14 November 2016 - TM Infidel
TMFR EU race reports by Rayvenator are a fun read if you are looking for an update on the Italian Motocross Championships. Ray(man) pulled out the big TM500 screamer to give him some extra speed on the challenging
Paroldo circuit for a respectable 4th overall for the day. Click the pic below for his full race report.
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'10-'16sx, '13 gp's, '14-'15ama's, 200+ tracks